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This is an Inspirational Blog for teenagers in need of advice. We want to reach as many teenagers that need help as possible, if we make a difference in even ONE life, then this blog is a success to us. Please feel free to (anonymously) message one of our advice columnists. All we ask is that you give us your age and gender so we can better suit your needs. Share this blog with friends who may need a little inspiration as well :) we appreciate your visit.

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Oct 1 '13

Anonymous asked:

Alright. I'm going to ask for help. I'm 17 and female, and everyone around me thinks I am a strong person who supports them. I was raised a Christian, and I try to be one. Minor problem: I was diagnosed with a illness at 12 that I have to actively deal with for the rest of my life. I got mad at God and ignored Him since then, but I need Him. My life is getting progressively worse, and I am losing the strong purpose in life that I had before. I need God soon or my life is going to end. Help?

i’m sorry to hear about your illness.
be sure to follow your doctors orders,
they will know what is best for your health.
as for your faith,
continue to pray and go to church as normal!
perhaps a church member or family member can help you find more security in your faith.
if you truly believe,
then never let it go.
try finding a church advisor,
maybe they can find a group for you to participate in or give you some sort of responsibility that will help you feel more involved in church.

Oct 1 '13

Anonymous asked:

I am almost 13. I hate my life. I'm depressed a lot because I am in so much pain. I hope you will take the time to read this. I'll start out by saying my parents are divorced. As long as I can remember, they've been split up. I've never seen love between them. I have the stress of trying to get straight A's and being a good daughter and Christian. I'm terribly skinny and don't feel like guys will ever like me. I have anand atheist brother who is cold hearted and cruel when he isn't joking around

i’m sorry to hear that.
it isn’t easy growing up without both of your parents around.
i didn’t meet my biological father until i was about 11 years old.
as difficult as it may seem,
you must accept that your parents will not be together if you are going to ever be happy again.
i know it isn’t easy,
but it is necessary.

as for your brother,
many atheists attempt to push their beliefs on people just as hard (if not harder) than Christians do.
Continue praying and practicing what YOU believe is true.
NEVER let another person rattle your faith.
Believing in religion will be a lifelong battle.
atheists, other religions, the media,
they will ALL attempt to convert you.
but never stray your path,
so long as YOU are happy,
continue believing in whatever you have chosen.

as for the boys,
you are only 12 years old.
you have many years to grow and develop as a person.
physically and mentally.
you will find someone to love you and care for you for who you are!
and if these boys don’t appreciate you,
then they aren’t worth your time.

please get back to us soon and let us know how you are doing.
thank you!

Oct 1 '13

Anonymous asked:

Umm hi, I'm 18 years old, and female, umm I've never exactly done this, or ever asked for help I always shut down, and just can't like talk and stuff, umm yea I don't know, sorry don't know why I'm writing this, sorry. Bye

it’s never a bad thing to reach out and talk to someone!
i’d love to speak with you and help you in any way i can.
please get back to me soon.


Jan 18 '13

Keep Your Head Up

To all the youth out there,

I know its hard and to do what you do everyday…getting up early in the morning, facing sometimes people you don’t want to face, listening to teachers you may  not want to listen to…but I wanted to encourage you by saying if you are doing that everyday then you are doing a great job and good things will come your way. An whenever times get hard please feel free to to talk to someone…don’t let all your hurt,anger or pain be bottled up inside. And if you have nobody to talk to…I am here and I’d love to listen to anyone that wants to share. The reason why is because I was a kid that was unheard and unseen…nobody wanted to hear what I had to say…I was being bullied,I was part of gangs, I did it all but now I’m an bestselling author and actor and I try to reach out to young people that was like me. That was depressed and had to deal with drama everyday of their life. If that person is you and you have knowone to talk to then hit me up. I don’t know if I can place links on here but I am easy to find. You can always google me my name is Darrius Garrett and I am one of the Original Freedom Writers that wrote the book Freedom Writers Diary that was made into a movie in 2007 starring Hilary Swank. Marcus the young kid that friend committed suicide in front of him is my character and is based ONLY on me from the homelessness,to the gangs etc. So trust me there is nothing that I haven’t heard and I want to be there to hear you. Be inspired and I can’t wait to talk to you.

Jun 27 '12

Waldo Canyon Fire!

  EncourageTheYouth’s home state of Colorado is currently suffering from SEVERAL wildfires! The damage our beautiful state is currently enduring is horrifying. Many people are beginning to lose their homes, belongings and even jobs. Dozens of animals ranging from common household pets all the way up to horses, cow and deers have been displaced due to this tragedy.

  We ask our Hopeline supporters to post inspirational messages to ALL of those in our state, please extend a caring heart to us! We need positive vibes sent our way. So feel free to post any POSITIVE comments, photos or quotes on our Tumblr wall, on twitter @EncourageYouth or facebook @Hope line for Teenagers or our other facebook @encourage the youth 

We would also like to send a HUGE thanks to all the awesome firefighters who are currently risking their lives to save our state and to those individuals who have donated supplies, money, time and prayers to these honorable men.

Thank you all so much for your continuous support and love, you are all AMAZING!

Jun 27 '12



   I am 20 years old, although I am not a teen anymore I am still dealing with a lot. I came down with a health issue when I was 13 years old that made me miss a lot of school. From then on things changed, I lost a lot of my friends. I became very suicidal, and started hurting myself. My high school ended up finding out along with my parents and my parents claimed it was a “phase”.

  I took it upon myself to get help from a psychitrist who put me on meds. Things seemed to get better, but i still had episodes where I would hurt myself and think suicide was the only way out. I still have these feelings. 9 months ago, I was convinced I was going to kill myself b/c I was just so sick of living like this.

  I get into stages where I feel better, and then worse again. Right now I’m ok, but I just wonder If I will ever get better?! Its been almost 8 years and I still feel this pain and thing these horrible thoughts. I go awhile without cutting or burning, then I relapse.


I am very happy to hear that you took it upon yourself to seek help from a professional. I too have been in the same exact boat. My suggestion would be to find some sort of hobby. My personal remedy has been Martial Arts and MMA, believe it or not. Training and practicing relieves physical tension and mental stress. The physical activity helps keep my body healthy, which in turn, keeps my mind healthy. When you find something positive that makes you happy, be sure to stick with it!

  I have lived with depression, anxiety, panic disorder etc for around 8 or 9 years myself, friend. I can tell you that it gets MUCH easier when you find a way that suits your personal needs. Do you enjoy art, writing, exercise, sports, or maybe even hangin’ out with some close friends? All of these are positive outlets that will ease your soul.

  Also, be sure to visit your therapist regularly and be HONEST about your problems, otherwise, they cannot help you properly. If you feel that your current care plan is not benefiting your needs, be sure to speak up. Please keep in mind that suicide is a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem!

  Imagine where you want to be ten years from now, married, homeowner, what job, etc. Now draw out a year-by-year plan of how you are going to get there! you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you set personal goals for yourself.

  I do hope that this has helped you out. If not, please contact me again, either here on tumblr, or on twitter @EncourageYouth, or facebook @Hope line for Teenagers.

  Also, here is some emergency contact info if you are ever in critical need in help, if you ever feel you are going to physically harm yourself in ANY way, I urge you to call one of these numbers first. Keep in mind that I am NOT a professional, merely an advice-giver. These people can help you out much better than I.

  -National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255): Suicide hotline, 24/7 free and confidential, nationwide network of crisis centers.

  -National Hopeline Network 1-800-784-2433

Take care my friend! I hope to hear from you soon.

May 29 '12

Anonymous asked:

there is a guy i like and give him all the time in the world, he says hes always busy and always has an excuse why he doesnt pay attention to me, sometimes i have gone days without him speaking to me.... is he worth the trouble to even fight for?

from the sounds of it, probably not. i’m sure you are in your teens and still in school. trust me, no one is worth your worries or tears during this time in life. you need to be having fun and making memories with friends. don’t waste your time chasing someone who isn’t willing to give you the time of day! i know it’s difficult when you really like someone. but believe me, when you start walking away, THEY will be the one chasing. 

thanks for reaching out to us! we are glad to talk to you. be sure to come back if you need anything else, we hope we’ve helped!


May 29 '12

Anonymous asked:

Do you think someone can be a Christian but still be attracted to girls? Like, I still think of guys like oh he's cute and he's sexy, but when I think about sexual things with a guy it's just kinda disgusting to me, but when I think about them with a girl they're not disgusting. Am I a lesbian? What's wrong with me? Ugh, I'm so confused!!!!

attempting to define your own sexuality is a near impossible trial. only your own heart can decide that. sexuality is not a choice, it is something that humans have hardwired into themselves. i would suggest taking labels out of the equation. don’t worry so much about being “straight”, “bisexual” or “lesbian”. instead think of people as individuals. ex; “oh he’s cute, i like him.” and “she’s pretty, i would like to talk to her.” don’t pursue someone based on their gender, pursue them because you are genuinely attracted to who they are as a person.

as for the religious aspect, don’t let any organization tell you what you are meant to be. if you are attracted to an individual of the same sex, so be it. try not to focus so much on that at such a young age. there are many groups that are very supportive of homosexual christians. check this page out for an example!

i hope this helps, be sure to message us with some more info if you need anymore advice! thank you for your message, it means alot to us!


May 1 '12


drunk driving is one of the most dangerous, careless things you could ever do.
please take a moment to consider all of the lives you put in harms way,
not just physically, but emotionally as well.
my heart and thoughts go out to those who have lost a loved one in pueblo, colorado this past weekend.

be sure to continue messaging and posting us. we love to hear whatever it is you wanna talk about. even if you just wanna tell us what a great day you’ve had :] remember, we are here to HELP and love EVERY SINGE ONE of you!

Mar 18 '12


don’t forget about us guys!


we are STILL here to answer any advice questions or help with any problems you may have.

be sure to click “submit anonymously” and ask away!

hope to hear from you all soon!

Feb 29 '12

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Feb 22 '12

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